"The Tragedy of HMS Dasher" DVD


'The Tragedy of HMS Dasher' is a 54 minute documentary video about the short life and tragic end of a ship that is still surrounded in controversy.

Using archive footage and interviews with survivors and witnesses, the video recreates the events leading up to the tragedy and then exposes the Government's absolute veil of secrecy regarding the truth about the sinking.

This lasting and callous secrecy has left hundreds of families not knowing what happened to their sons, brothers, relatives or loved ones and most went to their graves still not knowing.

'The Tragedy of HMS Dasher' reveals an important new piece of information which may explain the Governments reticence to release all of their records. There is a strong possibility that one of the bodies from the Dasher was used in Operation Mincemeat to dupe the Germans about a possible invasion of Greece at a crucial time of the war in 1943.

'The Tragedy of HMS Dasher' has been produced as a memorial to all those affected by the tragedy and the finale of the video is a roll call of all those who went down with the ship.

Running time 54 minutes
Narrated by Sean Barrett
Produced by PR Productions
Directed by Peter Rowlands