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HMS Dasher links


Secretary - David Hodkinson - davidhodkinson@btinternet.com. tel.no 01772 861434

John and Noreen Steele - Authors of "The Secrets of HMS Dasher" j.steele2@talktalk.net

History of HMS Dasher - http://www.fleetairarmarchive.net/Ships/DASHER.html

World Aircraft Carriers List: RN Escort Carriers - http://www.hazegray.org/navhist/carriers/uk_esc.htm#d37

Details of a dive on HMS Dasher - http://www.extremetechnical.org/hms_dasher.html

The Man Who Never Was - http://www.ardrossan.org.uk/TMWNW.htm

Badge of HMS Dasher - http://www.badge-of-pride.com/hms_dasher_blazer_badge.htm

Excellent site about HMS Attacker - http://www.gavinbull.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

Escort Carrier Sailors and Airman Association Inc - http://www.escortcarriers.com

 HMS Glorious - http://www.hmsglorious.com/

  HMS Glorious, Ardent and Acasta - http://www.glarac.co.uk/

 HMS Glorious, Ardent and Acasta - http://www.here-be-dragons.wales


If you have details of any relevant links please e mail peter@hmsdasher.co.uk

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